Beef Omasum

  • A Grades; Dried & Salted: Washing with Clean hygienic water and with salted water (80% salted 20% clean) drying process 4-5days minimum to complete drying process, pressed under weight, less than 1% salt, 3% moisture, AD (drying process); 800g – 1000g, 1000g-1500g, 1500g plus per piece; No bad odors12 Months expiry packed in 40kg bags
  • FRESH CHILLED or FROZEN salted black omasum as you can see high grade 1500g – 2500g


  •  Salted Beef Omasum 900 – 2000 gram each piece
    • Moisture : 5 % max.
    • Cutting should be round
    • Cleaning the fat, nadi should be taken out
    • Deep in salted water for 30 minutes, after that salt should be taken out after 2 days then press the material from upside down for 24-48 hours with 1.5 times the weight of the products to be pressed.
    • Damaged should not be more than 1 %
    • Storage and transportation temperature : -18 C degree
    • Packing : 40 kg PP bag
    • 40ft each container with 28 – 30 tons
    • Buyer’s representatives would be present for monitoring and advising any improvements during whole process as & when required